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"Monica (Restrepo) Jones is an amazing massage therapist. She is the only one I have ever let massage me. From knots to relaxation she is number 1. Smartest most wonderful person I know."

~Tristan C. on Thumbtack 

“Monica is one of the best massage therapists I have been to in years. I regularly get massages, and since going to Monica I have not gone anywhere else! She is truly an expert in her field.”

~Kara S. on Linked In

"I visit my elderly parents in Orlando every few months, and I always make it a priority to get a hydrating treatment with Sandy.  I love my pool time and my skin gets so dry!  My skin looks and feels rejuvenated after an exfoliation and hydration treatment"


 "Sandy's facials are five star!  Her skincare treatments and recommended home care products have significantly changed the look and feel of my skin.  I am so happy with the results!  I am especially impressed with the microneedling treatment.  After only one treatment, I could see my acne scars start to fade.  The treatment wasn't painful and I experienced only a little redness which calmed in about an hour.  I actually felt comfortable going shopping without makeup for the first time in my life!"


"Monica is an amazing massage therapist! She has helped me several times with working out problems in my neck, back and complicated shoulder. She is also very knowledgeable and can help suggest ways to keep your body in good shape."

~Andrew M. on Thumbtack 

" I highly recommend Sandy's skin care treatments.I had become frustrated with breakouts.  After a thorough skin analysis, and with Sandy's knowledgeable treatments and recommendations for the correct products, my face has improved dramatically!  Not only do I notice the difference but so do my family and friends.  Thanks so much Sandy!"


"Monica is the bees knees, a cool cat, and the most awesome of all who are awesome. She has a killer combination of passion, knowledge and a huge heart for helping people. She believes in a proactive, preventive approach to care... cutting edge clinical skills, compassion and common sense...who could ask for more?"

~ DeAnn M. on Facebook 

 "I really appreciate Sandy's anti-aging and hydrating facials.  My skin had become so dull and dry, and after her hydrating facials, I feel both rejuvenated and pampered!  I highly recommend her facials which are both beneficial and relaxing."


"Great massage therapist, she listens to what your body tells her and repairs the pain. Wonderful person and professional"

~Jeff H. on Branchout

"Monica is very knowledgeable about her field. She is highly skilled at locating where stress is and working it out of your muscles. I have been seeing Monica for years and she has always been helpful and caring about my health. She continues to improve my well-being at every visit and I am grateful for her dedication to this art.:

~ Esperanza B. on LinkedIn

"Monica has a friendly demeanor and she trully cares about her clients. Her warm nature eases anyone's tension. She is knowledgeable and likes to share her knowledge with fellow massage therapists and clients. I would recommend Monica to my family and friends. A great  therapist and colleague!"

~ Jenny L. on LinkedIn


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